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Do you know Sophrology?

Sophrology is about being relaxed and happy in our daily lives, but also to overcome health problems  and to cope better with existential crises.  It's a method of plain consciousness. 

Sophrology is a brief therapy and a method of personal development designed to reduce stress and promote mental and physical well-being.

This is achieved through breath control, easy-to-do physical movements and mental visualisations that, when practised regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body, a calm, alert mind and harmonious emotions.

You may also achieve more personal aims, just have a look down the page for examples.


Corinna Esther,
certified therapist in Sophrology

After a professional career as a translator & assistant to top management, I've been trained as a therapist in Sophrology. 

I completed successfully certification recognized by French state. Today I take care of adults and teenagers in my practice in western France, between Le Mans & Angers

In my online sessions I proceed the same way as in face-to-face sessions and clients benefit in the same way.  

I believe that everyone has the power to become happy, sometimes we just need a helping hand.

My ambition is it to guide people who want a better daily life or better living conditions in illness and crisis, and to show them the surprisingly pragmatic tools of Sophrology. 

Just open your mind and discover the pleasure and simplicity of breathing, of being here & now.  

I offer 30-minutes-sessions in order to make you discover sophrology.
Experiment some exercices and discover how Sophrology can help you to cope with your issues. (in the limit of places available)

Self-empowerment - for a healthy & fulfilled life

Sophrologie may be appield in various cases.
Allways under the prinicple "self-empowerment", I am mainly committed to women - from 16 to 90 -
and specialised in the following domains:


Mentaltraining - Examen

I guide young people from the age of 16 and when preparing metally for exams , sowie spezifischen Problematiken und führe Sie zur Selbständigkeit.

I help young people to  

  • face exams
  • deliver high perfomance in spite of stress & pressure
  • improve ability to concentrate, to cope with intrusive thoughts
  • to improve memory
  • cope with fatigue 
  • improve motivation
  • get to grip with emotions, e.g. anxiety or irritability
  • overcome a bad experience 
  • becoome clear of strenghts & values

stress management

I help adults coping with pressure & stress and resulting health issues. 

I help adults to 

  • better cope with pressure
  • find work-life balance zu finden
  • to calm inner unrest
  • relieve tensions
  • to reduce intrusive thaoughts or live bette with them
  • recover your strength & vital energy
  • quit nervous state of alert that may lead to numerous health issues (e.g. ciculatory disturbance)
stress resulting health issues

reduce stress resulting health issues

I help adults coping with stress resulting health issues. 

I help adults to 

  • to overcome sleeping disorder
  • to reduce anxiety attacks and to identify the fear behind
  • cope better with emotions, especially fits of anger

What happens in a session ?

A session lasts about 1 hour and consists of 4 phases:



Sophrologie anamnèse

In the first session I take your history. 
This time this time is particularly long & intense. We will take the necessary time to get a picture of your situation as a whole : your issues and their impact on all your domains' life.  

In the following sessions taking information about your situation will be much shorter. It allows to measure your progress and adapt the sessions.


movement exercises

Sophrologie : exercices de relaxation dynamique

The gentle movements controlled breathing and  muscle tension & relaxation as well as suggestive messages. Ther exercises may be donewhile sitting or standing and may be adapted to your individual capacities. 

Every exercice pursures one intention, e.g. let go of negative thoughts or  stimulate positive thinking.  



Sophrologie : visualisation et sophronisations

Then get wrapped up in a ralaxing, soothing visualisation. My voice will guide you in a state of deep contentment near to sleep.  Ths state provides many opportunities. opens many passibilities, e.g. see the world without social filters. a different point of view of a situation, let sink in suggestive messages to into your  consciousness to  open up to positive angles and much more.



Sophrologie : expression des ressentis et prise de conscience

In the last phase of our session together  you emerge slowly from your dozy state. This time is dedicated to let you express your feelings and perceptions. This will hepl you become conscious of what is good for you. 

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